Dreams After Death - Illés András

András Illés


The Dreams After Death project has started in 2010 by András Illés after his lack of success with several other musical groups. The two most significant band positions he held was singing in the Hungarian Death Tribute Band for three years and playing on keyboard in Léthe (doom/death metal) for five years (both local underground bands). András realised that he must work alone to develop his own concepts, and the talents necessary to reach real results.

The style of Dreams After Death is a mixture of atmospheric funeral doom and symphonic death metal. The project's aim is to adapt this style to his home country, Hungary, where it is relatively unpopular. Quoting Johan Ericsons, András declared his goal 'to make each record better than the previous'. He is a keyboard player and singer primarily, therefore keyboards are a strong element in the project's sound. Even though he works alone, he plays on all of the instruments in the songs, and spents a lot of time improving his knowledge in other instruments and mastering.

Some of his favorite doom bands are Shape of Despair, The Howling Void, My Dying Bride, Anathema, EA, Colosseum and Evoken. Bands from other styles include Summoning, Ákos and Dimmu Borgir.


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