2015.10.04. -

Sorry for being silent for so long. I'm still working on Lucid Dreams, but I can't give you promises about its release date. I'd like to go you the best I can.

Although I have a new song called "The Dying Man's Dream" that was written to a doom compilation of the Russian GS Productions!

The new song is included in the downloads of the newsletter as my other releases as well.

Let's take a listen on Youtube

2013.12.18. -

I have more than 2000 LIKES on facebook and more than 25000 listens on my "Genesis" video on youtube! Many thanks for that, I'm glad you are with me!

As you know I'm working on my next LP "Lucid Dream" since Kuiper, (oh yes, it's the title of the album :P) and I'm very happy with the new sound quality, finally it's quiet professional. I hope you will get it in the first quarter of 2014.

Did you miss one of my earlier albums? Feel free to download my 3 releases for free by signing up to my newsletter! Soon my music will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Mp3, Xbox, Deezer, GooglePlay, eMUSIC...

2013.11.25. -

Fading Chains is going to be re-released. I have a contract with the Russian GS Productions. 100 hand-numbered pressed CDs!

After this there is a big chance that Kuiper will get a tangible format, too.

2013.02.17. -

Now all of my albums are free to download. Please register to my newsletter and you will get the links.

2013.02.10. -

My third work "Kuiper" is officially released. It's a split album with the Hungarian Nagaarum. The playtime is 01:11:11.

More information and free download link are in the releases section.

2013.01.20. -

I made a limited (25 copies) physical release of Fading Chains.

All of the copies are sold or reserved. I want to make a re-release with Endless Winter in the future.

2012.11.01. -

I'm wokring on the physical release of Fading Chains. Cost will be $10 + post cost ($7 worldwide).

Please write me an email if you are interested to dreamsafterdeath[at]gmail[dot]com


2012.10.19. -

Fading Chains is officially self-released.

You can get your own digital copy directly from me on bandcamp \m/


2012.10.15. -

I'm glad to announce that "Fading Chains" my new full-length album will be released on friday evening.

It will be a "self-released" digital release. Spread the word and my teaser video! \m/

Trailer video

2012.08.29. -

You can DOWNLOAD my full debut album "Embraced by the Light" for FREE! Just register for my newsletter (use the button at the bottom of the page).

After the registration process you will get a welcome message with the download link.

2012.07.23. -

My next LP is going to be released in this year! Songlist of Fading Chains:

1 - Anger
2 - Worry
3 - Sadness
4 - Peace
5 - Love
6 - Nothingness

2012.02.29. -

I am working on my next full lenght album: "Fading Chains", to be released in the summer of 2012. Be prepared!

The album will contain 6 songs with similar mood as the debut album, but it's novelty is that you will hear my clear singing.

"Fading Chains" is about our mental and emotional processes, how we lose our chains of life. Every track will represent a fading emotion.

2012.01.03. -

Get your own dedicated CD! Order is enabled. It's not preorder till now. 7$ disc + 7$ post cost = 14$. Write to dreamsafterdeath@gmail.com.

Give me your full name and post address with country. You can pay across paypal. I will send my paypal email address in email. Thanks!

Ha magyar vagy, 1400Ft a lemez + 500Ft a postaköltség. Írj a dreamsafterdeath@gmail.com címre részletekért.

2011.12.03. -

Here are some news about my cd.

The production will end on december 25th. (maybe 22th) I will get my own disks only at the end of january 2012. Endless Winter (my label) grants the perfect quality. I know... It's a really big latency. (my album was totally done at the end of may). I am sorry for this. But I think it will be smoother with my next material. A big thanks for your patience and I still please you to order directly from me.

2011.11.23. -

Metal Archives

If you have Metal Archives account then recommend some bands on my page, please :) (under the similar artists menu) I would really approtiatie your help.

Visit Metal Archives to recommend bands!

2011.11.03. -

Bad news...

Sadly my label still can't release my album. They didn't get enough money from their latest releases. So the deadline for my album is: 1st Dec. You can get it as a xmas present :/ :) Maybe I will release my next album personally to keep full control in my own hands. Thanks for the patience guys.

Support this undervalued underground genre. \m/

2011.10.09. -

How to order my album?

I am currently waiting for my label to produce the disks. After that you can order my stuff. (When it will happen, I'll post it everywhere). Just write me a mail to dreamsafterdeath [ATT] gmail [DOTT] com Give me your name, and your complete address (with country of course) and I will contact you.


The debut album:"Embraced by the Light" is done. You can preorder it from me. The cost is 7$ + post(6$).

The site is still under construction.